Value Delivery

Giving you more benefit for your budget.

Value Delivery


We work with our clients to optimise the value from their IT investments by helping them strike an effective balance between realising benefits, optimising risk and resource usage


  • Your IT investments are not providing the expected value.
  • The board  are unable to provide effective oversight of the IT investment.
  • The benefits of your project or programme are unclear and the business case is in question.
  • There are too many projects in your portfolio and not enough funding or resources to deliver.
  • Your project is (or has become) IT driven.
  • You need to be better equipped to perform IT due diligence activities for mergers and acquisitions.
  • Your suppliers aren't delivering the value you need from them.
  • You need to establish a PMO, Business change or Service Management function.
  • Projects frameworks are inappropriate, making assurance and management difficult.
  • You need more value out of your service or project portfolio.
  • Your assets are not being managed effectively.


Benefits Realisation

IT investment planning (ROI/TCO).
Portfolio design and optimisation.
Business case development and validation.
Establishing a Project Management or Portfolio Office.
Business change enablement.
Programme and project delivery and assurance.

Risk Optimisation

Risk assessment and evaluation.
Risk management and mitigation.
Risk governance.

Resource Optimisation

Demand and capacity planning.
End to end service review: Contracts, SLAs and KPIs.
Asset management and cost optimisation.
Licensing and renewal planning.
Sourcing review and strategy development.
Service management.
Lean process transformation.
Continuous improvement.


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