Strategic Alignment

Knowing what is possible, agreeing the way, working as one.

Strategic Alignment


We ensure our client's IT investment is in harmony with their strategic objectives and that appropriate IT strategies and services have been defined to support the future needs of their business.


  • You recognise the need to better align IT to the organisation's needs.
  • The IT strategy needs updating and does not fully align and support the Corporate Strategy.
  • The strategic planning process is not well defined or the Corporate Strategy is unclear.
  • There are conflicting views amongst executives as to the role that IT should play within the business.
  • IT is not recognised as a strategic enabler for attaining competitive advantage.



IT Strategy development, review and validation.
Facilitation of the strategic planning process.
Establishment of a Strategy Management Office.
Portfolio architecture and planning.
Strategic assurance, benchmarking and decision support.
Performance management frameworks, Balanced Scorecards, dashboards and reporting.

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