IT Strategy and Transformation

IT Strategy and Transformation

Bealfour Beatty WP

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Solutions Summary

  • IT Strategy development review and validation
  • Facilitation of the strategic planning process
  • Demand and capacity planning
  • Demand and capacity planning
  • Functional modelling
  • Target Operating Model design
  • Target Operating Model design
  • Organisation design and transition
  • Capability and skills planning
  • Talent sourcing and recruitment
  • Professional development frameworks
  • Securing behavioural and cultural change

The Challenge

Following a period of federation and rapid business growth, Balfour Beatty WorkPlace found themselves with a problem. IT investment had not kept pace with the rest of the business and the ability of their centralised IT department to service the growing demand for IT services and capabilities was falling short.

With the appointment of a new IT Director we joined the team to initially provide Strategy Consultancy. Our responsibility was to re-align the IT Strategy, to establish the IT function as a shared services unit and to fully support the businesses move to a federated organisational model.

Our Contribution

Programme Management for a team of 10 to lead the the on-time delivery of a £1.2m strategic change programme. Transformed the IT function to meet the business’ aggressive growth and profit targets. We delivered:


  1. Facilitated Strategy workshops to define Vision, Mission and USPs for IT and to shape the change programme.
  2. A blueprint for the organisation including, functions, services and processes.
  3. Translation of blueprint into a detailed operating model of IT including organisation and industry standard role designs. 
  4. New processes and enhanced governance structures and tools e.g: Strategic Roadmap outlining objectives for each director for the next 12 months, mechanisms for managing business demand, prioritisation and resource across new federated structure. 
  5. Staff performance management and development framework.


  1. Organisational change and transition to new organisation model. Including role and skill mapping, staff-assessment, career path planning and individual transition plans for existing staff. 
  2. Daily management of the consultation process. Recruitment and on-boarding of 34 new staff in 3 months.


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