Enterprise Performance Management

Enterprise Performance Management

Balfour Beatty WP

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Solutions Summary

  • IT Strategy development review and validation
  • Strategic assurance benchmarking and decision support
  • Performance management frameworks Balanced Scorecards dashboards and reporting
  • Resource Optimisation
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Maturity assessments & benchmarking

The Challenge

In response to a downturn in the UK economy in 2012, Balfour Beatty's strategic priority shifted to one of cost optimisation and efficiency. To gain assurance over the delivery of the new corporate strategy the board required a governance mechanism to drive the efficiency agenda. An Operational Excellence Board was formed.

We were asked to empower the new board, to help them deliver on their mandate by designing and implementing a Performance Management Framework. With the right tools for the job our client was able assure the alignment and delivery of their strategy, drive efficiency and secure significant cost savings across their various business units.

Our Contribution

We were engaged to the board to design and implement a company-wide Balanced Scorecard and performance reporting framework to monitor and ensure alignment of corporate strategies. We:

  1. Worked with all key business units to review their strategy and determine the alignment to the Strategy of the Executive Board.
  2. Defined and agreed an aggregated reporting framework and advised on standard performance measures to be used enterprise wide.
  3. Worked with the executive of each function to agree KPIs and KRIs for their key strategies and operational processes.
  4. Assessed the supporting processes to determine their suitability for measurement and produced departmental level roadmaps for metrics. 
  5. Owned process and provided effective analysis and decision support until it was successfully established and handed over to the Enterprise Programme Management Office.


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