Our Approach

Remarkable consultancy; delivering results in a fast and flexible framework.

Step 1 - Discovery

It's good to talk.

Let us get together for a short meeting so we can understand what you are trying to achieve and what your challenges are. We can take you through our experience, show you examples of our work and between us we can determine whether there are opportunities for us to add value.

At your office, ours or over video conference, one of our friendly consultants will explore with you:

  • The background and context for your enquiry.
  • Your objectives, challenges and requirements.
  • The high level business case.
  • Whether you have a budget in mind.
  • How best we can help you to succeed.
  • A suitable approach to working together.
Step 2 - Commissioning the Work

Getting started

Following the meeting we'll send you an email including a short summary of our conversation and detailing where and how we see the opportunity to add value to your business.
Depending on your requirements and the type of undertaking, we will normally provide you with a statement of work for an initial engagement.

This will typically include an overview of:

  • Your objectives.
  • The scope of work.
  • Known requirements and assumptions.
  • A schedule of services, deliverables and acceptance criteria.
  • Pricing

    Normally we will provide different delivery options depending on your preference for fixed price or T&M
When you are ready to commission the work there will be a simple exchange of paperwork that formalises matters between you and us. We will of course work with any supplier on-boarding processes that are required.

Step 3 - Assessment & Recommendations

It's better to listen.

Meeting the real needs of our clients is what drives us, not fitting canned solutions to situations that don't require them. - The business case is king.
To enable us to add the most value, we need to understand your situation properly before we can make recommendations and agree the approach.

We have a wealth of experience and tools for assessing and understanding the current landscape, quickly analysing and getting to the root of the problems, identifying improvements and where necessary building the case for change. 

Step 4 - Design & Planning

Know where you're going and how you're going to get there.

Through our innovative design experience we will focus on detailing the target-state solutions required to achieve the business case and the establish the means for effectively delivering them. 

Change is the constant and exciting reality and at Ziran we incorporate this into everything we do. We are firm believers in providing just enough process to efficiently control the outcome. As a result, all of our plans are pragmatic, appropriate to the nature and complexity of the work and responsive to the changing road ahead.

Step 5 - Delivery

Delivering results with passion, excellence and stamina.
We provide the change leadership and management skills to own the change, remove the delivery risk and secure the results that you need.
Leading by example with integrity and energy, we will:

  • Challenge the status quo and engender the imperative for change.
  • Secure the appropriate sponsorship and oversight to govern the delivery.
  • Earn consensus by identifying and managing the key resistance points.
  • Build momentum by motivating and empowering the team and proving the benefits early.
  • Drive delivery excellence until the job is done.


Step 6 - Sustaining the Gains

The secret to sustainable results.
Too often organisational improvements are not sustained once the delivery team is disbanded and consultants have cashed in their cheque.
At Ziran we realise that your continued success is our success. That is why we not only work tirelessly with you to ensure we leave you in a stronger position but that the results can be sustained once we are gone.
We do this by ensuring our products are used and the improvements are embedded with the glue that will make them stick.
Normally this will include:

  • Updating processes and procedures, management systems and assurance plans.
  • Training and mentoring.
  • Maintaining continuity through formal knowledge transfer and operational handover.
  • Publishing the performance of the project against the business case.
  • Ensuring process owners and sponsors have clear guidance on what needs to be done in order to maintain and maximise the benefits.
Step 7 - Completion

Job well done, what's next?

Towards the end of the engagement, you will be invited to a Close-out meeting where we will jointly review the success of the project and you will be formally asked to accept and subsequently sign-off, our work.
At the meeting we will review and confirm:

  • The performance against the business case, your original objectives and the statement of work.
  • Project achievements, lessons learned and recommendations.
  • Any outstanding issues, risks or follow-on activities have plans in place and handover activities have been completed.
  • Opportunities for releasing and creating additional value.

Ziran : the agile IT governance and management consultancy.

Whether you know what you want, or would like simply like to have a chat, we'd love to hear from you!