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Ziran : the agile IT Governance and Management Consultancy


Ziran Consulting : the agile IT Governance and Management Consultancy.

We are Independent specialists in the Governance and Management of IT, providing business contracting and consultancy services to London, the UK and beyond.

The company was established to provide quality, unbiased advice and practical solutions that allow businesses to realise the IT outcomes they need, quickly and cost-effectively. 



Relationships First
We take our business personally and put relationships first. That is why we listen to our customers, value their diversity and inspire their trust by delivering on our commitments.

Value Driven
We are committed to ensuring that all of our work provides the greatest value to our customers. If there is no business case, there is no point!  

 Expertise In Application
All of our advice is based on the proven principles of good IT Governance and Management, aligned to industry standard best practice and applied to the specific needs of our client's organisations.

Continuous Improvement 
We monitor our performance and strive for continual improvement.

Professional Ethics 
We are ethically unyielding and conduct all of our work with the highest levels of professional integrity.

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Ziran : the agile IT governance and management consultancy.

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